Discover the history and mission of Adega da Graciosa

Since 1962 elevating the Graciosense tradition

Founded in 1962, the Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa has the mission and objective of promoting the agri-food products of the island, based on the values of respect, dedication, tradition, simplicity and transparency.

Bullock cart
White grapes

Initially, the Adega e Cooperativa only received white wine varieties, but with the growth of the same, and also to the needs of the partners, it began to receive and accept red wine varieties.

In addition to wine, the Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa wanted to create new statutes that would allow it to work with other products. And so, it expanded its market to the commercialization of melons, garlic and jams.

Whale Islet
Harvest on Graciosa Island
Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Graciosa

Throughout the winery's life, some machines were introduced to help its production, but the knowledge and art of doing well is what characterizes this winery, guaranteeing a perfect combination between the old and the new, always based on the artisanal knowledge, which proved to be an asset to this recipe.

The winery produces two of the most emblematic products on the island, the famous melon and garlic, awarded with the Azores Brand. Today, it plays a key role in linking its partners to new markets, already being present at regional fairs and events, as well as outside the Region.


Heritage, Tradition and Sustainability. Since 1962.

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