Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Delivery and Returns

The purchase of products on the Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa’s website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

A) All products with an alcoholic strength, available for sale in the online store, can only be purchased by people who are of legal age to do so, in their country of residence. (if in doubt, please contact us);

B) All prices and other information presented in the online store can be changed without prior notice and are always subject to existing Stock;

C) Under current Portuguese legislation, Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa is obliged to add the value of VAT to the legal rates of 9% and 16% for all products. All prices include VAT;

D) All promotions launched in the online store may not apply to the physical store;

E) Orders for mainland Portugal and neighboring islands, as well as orders that may eventually be sent to Europe, may be delivered by contracted transport companies or sent directly by CTT. For other destinations please contact us. In general, an order takes 5 to 6 working days to be delivered to neighboring islands, in mainland Portugal, 14 to 21 working days, Europe between 31 to 45 days (except for exceptions to which we are unrelated, such as natural disasters, maritime conditions adverse, etc.).
You can also make a purchase in our online store and, if you have the possibility, go to our physical store located in Charco da Cruz N.ª 12 9880-308 Santa Cruz da Graciosa, where you can pick it up directly at our counter, taking into account the conditions detailed below:

E.1) Consequently, the transport fee will not be charged and payment can be made upon delivery of the order;

E.2) The payment methods available locally are cash or ATM/Multibanco;

E.3) Orders to be picked up at our store will be kept for three working days;

E.4) After this period, and if the customer does not pick up the order, it is considered canceled, with no right to refund.

F) All orders placed through the online store will only be processed after payment has been made;

G) All products must be checked and analyzed by the customer immediately upon delivery. If any damage to the product is detected, the customer must return it to the transport company and duly justify the reason for the return on the delivery note and immediately notify Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa, which will quickly resolve the situation;

H) Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa recognizes to all its customers the right to terminate the contracts they have entered into with it, allowing them to return, within a period of 14 (fourteen) days, the products purchased under the terms of Decree- Law No. 143/2001 and Decree-Law 82/2008 of 20/05. For exchanges or returns, the customer is requested to contact the Cooperative via the email Pedrasbrancas-graciosa@hotmail.com indicating the number of the document that accompanied the order, taking into account the conditions detailed below in the following topics:

H.1) To return the order, the product must be in perfect condition, and where appropriate with its original packaging, accessories or promotional offers included, and accompanied by proof of purchase or invoice;

H.2) The return of defective products and mistaken shipments will be admitted, and the Cooperative will be responsible for the shipping and collection costs whenever the customer communicates this circumstance within a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of product;

H.3) Once the goods are received at our facilities and after validation of the condition of the same, the value will be refunded according to the payment method made by the customer, or another solution previously agreed with the same;

H.4) Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa assumes responsibility arising from defects in the origin or raw material of the product purchased and if this is confirmed by the specialized team of the Cooperative, the product will be exchanged or returned at no cost to the customer;

H.5) Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa will not accept the return of the product after it has been used, or if it has been altered or modified;

H.6) Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa is not responsible for deficiencies arising from incorrect use, negligence, poor storage conditions or causes of force majeure.

I) Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha Graciosa reserves the right to cancel orders that give rise to incorrect values due to computer errors, returning the amounts paid immediately to the buyers. To clarify any doubts, request additional information or send suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us;

J) Transport Cost – The amount to be charged depends on the delivery location, Islands, Mainland Portugal, or other international destination and the weight of the goods in question;

K) In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may resort to the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) or alternative consumer dispute resolution bodies listed.


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